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The Serial Killer
The Predator sits on the edge of a filthy mattress in a dilapidated house. He holds a jar filled with a milky liquid--dark orbs bob inside. The room is silent with the exception of his haunting sing-song voice, "Peek-a-boo I see you." He bursts into a crazed cackle of laughter then stops. His whisper is barely audible, "But you can't see me."
The Blind Psychic
Peter Cole, in search of his independence, comes to live in a boarding house on the wrong side of town. That's when visions of women being mutilated and murdered start haunting his dreams.
The Detective
Detective Joe Carson had a job he loved and his wife hated. He was an agent with the FBI assigned to a special task force on serial killers. To save his marriage he left the FBI to become a homicide detective in a small southern town. When a serial killer moves in, he's forced to make an unlikely partnership with Peter Cole. Together they must race to save the next victim.